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Discover how Auckland Unlimited is setting the new standard for security training across Auckland's biggest venues.



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Auckland Unlimited is paving the way forward for security training

For Auckland Unlimited, the move to create a centralized security training program across all of their venues was made to improve accountability, decrease risk and help them attract the right types of candidates for positions moving forward.

Auckland Unlimited looks after the security of some of Auckland’s biggest venues including Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tamaki, Auckland Live & Conventions, Auckland Stadium, Auckland Zoo and New Zealand Maritime Museum. 

Auckland stadium
Auckland Unlimited

We have staff ranging from 18-76 years old, some of whom have been here for 20- odd years without the opportunity to progress. We wanted to create a training framework that gave employees something to work towards. Then we'd be able to promote people internally versus contract externally. And if employees leave, they’d have the qualifications to show to secure higher opportunities.

Rachel Rust, Security Development Advisor, Auckland Unlimited

Inconsistent training results in inconsistent accountability and potential customer safety risks

For Auckland Unlimited's new Security development Advisor, Rachel Rust, training is critical to making sure security teams are prepped for anything including crowd control, how to respond to unattended Items, risk-based decision making, and weapons attack.

But when Rust first joined, she immediately observed the problems caused by the inconsistency and unreliability of paper-based processes.

“One time, I had to go on a hunt to find everyone's First Aid certificates. Well, there were some certificates in a file over here, some in a file over there...They were difficult to find. Which – as you can imagine – could become quite problematic if ever there was an investigation or audit.” says Rust

She knew a digitized, centralized solution was the way forward. But digitizing training across multiple venues is a challenge. Particularly when some of your employees have grown up without smartphones and tablets.

Auckland Unlimited security training

Getting the right training format is important for completion rates

Rust wanted a training solution that would cater to the diverse learning needs of her employees and was cost-effective.

“I wanted an interactive solution that employees could access from their phones. That’s when I came across EdApp. I hadn't created micro-lessons before. I copied the first couple the Course Library and then, as I became more familiar, I started building courses from scratch."

Since implementing EdApp,  Auckland Unlimited have increased training completion rates by 110% and improved management visibility across the board. The ability for guards to be able to  “access training on the bus or while they’re on their breaks” has played a huge role in this. As have the weekly quiz leaderboards

Auckland Unlimited security team

Since implementing EdApp, Auckland Unlimited has achieved:

Turns out leaderboards are the ticket to higher training completion rates 

When it came to motivating employees to do the training…a little healthy competition goes a long way. Rust has found that the Rapid Refresh quiz leaderboards are a big motivator in getting their teams to complete the weekly quizzes. 

“More and more staff are doing them each week. That instant gratification seeing their names up the top of the boards motivates them” says Rust.

One of those names is Ray. At 70 years old, he’s just topped the Rapid Refresh leaderboard for the second week in a row.

Ray commented, saying "The app is easy to use. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The font and time allowed for questions is good and having the phone app is very convenient"

Ray, Auckland Unlimited security expert

Traditionally, a lot of private security companies don’t provide training. You show up, get your uniform and away you go.  We don’t want that. We want our guards to be proud of where they work and feel that there is the opportunity to progress with training.

Rachel Rust, Security Development Advisor, Auckland Unlimited

The new standard in security training

Auckland Unlimited is determined to set the new standard for security training. As evidence of Ray, it's pretty clear that EdApp is working.

Since Auckland Unlimited implemented EdApp, they’ve deployed training to over 50 of their guards across their different venues. And this is just the beginning. 

“The plan is to move most of our training to EdApp. Then we can remove the headache of manually trying to keep track of what everyone is doing. We want to get to a point that if we want to know where someone is in their training, we can do so with a click of a button.” says Rust.